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Algorithm Bot that provides real-time buy & sell signals on any market, currency pair or crypto currency.


21 reviews for NEXUS Bot

  1. Devin

    Made $1500 last week with this bot trading TSLA!

  2. Eric

    I use nexus to day trade BTC, works great i’m able to scalp with it nicely trading the 5 min.

  3. Gregg

    Set up is quick, bot works wonderfully, the team at nexus is always helpful and quick to respond in their discord.

  4. Jim

    Does what it is supposed to, made $100 on my first trade!

  5. Freddy

    Very accurate, paid for its self on the first trade!

  6. James

    Super accurate, been trading 3+ years, wish I had access to this before. I am up almost $1000 this week.

  7. Joseph

    Saw this on FB, decided to give it a try, works very well as described, great bot, worth the $$$ for sure!
    Discord is cool too, always helpful.

  8. David

    Great bot, accurate – made my money back + profit on the very first trade I took.
    Will continue using! Thanks.

  9. Dan

    Works great for it being so affordable, I have a small account only $500, first trade I made $150. It works!

  10. Charlie

    Use this bot for trading Forex, it is accurate and works well, made $250 today using it!

  11. Ben

    Worth the $49 a month, made that back easy after first trade, glad I found this bot.

  12. Mike

    Great signals, easy to read and doesn’t clog up my charts, cool that you can use it on trading view as well, since its free.

  13. Steven

    It works, however does not auto traded, I was looking for a bot that auto trades, the signals are good though, I use my other strategies along with this bot and it does work.

  14. Victor

    Works great, gave it 4 stars because I had to wait over the weekend to get access, other then that its great.

  15. Jose

    its accurate and works, gave it 4 stars because I would have liked to have a trial period rather then subscribing for an entire month.

  16. Jacob

    I am new to trading, tried this out for 3 months, the signals are spot on but because I have a small account my profits were small as well.

  17. Paul

    Was skeptical, but after my first month I am up over $1000 in my robinhood account!

  18. Daniel

    I use it scalp the EUR/USD 5 min charts, its a great tool, first day I made $200, been using it ever since. worth the $49 hands down!

  19. Erin

    day trade BTC with it, works well.

  20. Terry

    I traded options with this bot, usually credit spreads or iron condors, I am up $500 this last week.

  21. Brandon

    I forex trade, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, this bot is very accurate, I trade 5 min and 15 min charts, intraday.

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Algorithm Bot that provides real-time buy & sell signals + mobile alerts.

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Algorithm Bot that provides real-time buy & sell signals on any market, currency pair or crypto currency.




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