Setup Guide

After you have been given access please follow these steps:

1. Visit tradingview.com & login.

2. Click “Chart”


2. Type a ticker, such as “SPY” to load an initial chart.


4. Click “Indicators”.


5. A pop-up box will appear. Go to the “Invite-only” section, and click on Nexus V2.


Optional: Turn on Dark Mode

6. Make sure your background and wicks are the correct color by clicking out of the Indicators pop up box and clicking the gear icon in the top right corner.


8. Uncheck “Borders” and “Color Bars Based on Previous Close”.

9. Click the first box the right of “Wick”, then click the “+” sign and enter value #00ff0a.

10. Do the same for the second box to the right and enter value #ff441f. 

11. Change the background to Dark Mode by clicking “Appearance”, then Background, then the “+” sign and entering value #041824.

12. Add additional signals like Take Profit, Volatility Lines, clicking the gear icon next to “NEXUS “.

13. Always paper trade first, before trading with real money.

Note: If you use Heikin Ashi candles the price of heikin ashi (ohlc4) is different from actual price (close). You instead will see the average price.

All done! You look like a pro.


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